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Do you want to learn better how Scoozy works in an easy way? Then watch our instructional videos on YouTube. Here you will find everything about Scoozy's functions, accessories, how to charge, how to take Scoozy with you and much more!

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Handleiding Scoozy C - Nederlands - V003

Download hier de laatste versie van de handleiding van Scoozy C.

User Manual Scoozy C - English - V003

Download the latest version of the Scoozy C user manual here.

Bedienungsanleitung Scoozy C - Deutsch - V003

Laden Sie die neueste Version des bedienungsanleitung herunter.

Handleiding Scoozy B - Nederlands - V016

Download hier de laatste versie van de handleiding van Scoozy B.

Accu informatie Scoozy B - Nederlands

Extra informatie om de accu van Scoozy B in top conditie te houden.


Brochure Scoozy C

Commerciële brochure over Scoozy C

Pre-Sale information Scoozy C

Alle informatie volgens de ISO 7176:15

WMO / PGB informatie

Tips & Tricks voor het aanvragen van subsidie.

Vergelijkingstabel Solo, Scoozy, Mini-Crosser, Quingo

Tabel met eigenschappen van 4 high-end scootmobielen.

Algemene aankoopgids scootmobiel

Hulp met het kiezen van de beste scootmobiel voor jou


Handleiding Scoozy C - Nederlands - V003

Download hier de laatste versie van de handleiding van Scoozy C.

User Manual Scoozy C - English - V003

Download the latest version of the Scoozy C user manual here.

Bedienungsanleitung Scoozy C - Deutsch - V003

Laden Sie die neueste Version des bedienungsanleitung herunter.


Brochure Scoozy C

Commercial brochure Scoozy C

Pre-Sale information Scoozy C

All information according to the ISO 7176:15.

TÜV Rapport

EN 12184 Rapport from TÜV Süd.


Scoozy distinguishes itself from other scooter brands mainly in the field of safety, design and the possibility to drive in nature.

It is often difficult to compare scooters in terms of properties because a different approach is used for certain specifications. To help you with this, we have tested and compared the top 3 four-wheel scooters sold in the Netherlands in the higher segment. Read this blog. And in this blog, we have placed Scoozy next to the Quingo with 5 wheels.

In this video we show everything about how Scoozy works. We hope this information helps you determine if Scoozy really suits your needs because that’s what it’s all about in the end.

This is a common first impression of Scoozy. Safety and stability have become the spearhead of our design by looking closely at the causes of the accidents involving mobility scooters. These blogposts explain what solutions Scoozy has for preventing and reducing accidents:  Accidents involving mobility scooters: how scoozy protects you and  Is Scoozy a stable mobility scooter?.

Steering with a joystick can take some getting used to, but offers 5 benefits in terms of comfort and safety. Read more about this in ​ this blog .

Informeer naar de mogelijkheden bij onze dealers.

Scoozy, like any mobility scooter, has a standby consumption or sleep consumption. This means that if you put Scoozy away and do not use it, it will still consume power and the battery will not remain fully charged. Scoozy C is protected against the battery becoming empty and thus prevents the battery from being destroyed (deep discharged). After 24 hours, the battery goes into a so-called sleep mode. This reduces standby power, allowing you to store Scoozy twice as long as other mobility scooters (up to 6 months). From Scoozy serial number 300 this has been adjusted and the battery will go into sleep mode 2 weeks after the battery is still 50% full.


  • The charger cannot remain connected. Disconnect the charger when the battery is full. For safety reasons, the charger will not recharge if left plugged in and will even draw power from the battery at some point. TIP Timeclock: If you want the battery to remain full, use a time clock between the socket and the charger. This ensures that Scoozy charges every day.
  • The battery cannot be charged if the core temperature is below 0 °C. This will damage the battery cells of the lithium battery. That is why it is recommended to store Scoozy in a heated place.
  • For Scoozy B, follow these instructionsto keep your battery in top condition.

The battery comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Battery life is not guaranteed, but a conservative indication is that after 20,000km/500 charge cycles, the battery will still have 70% of its original capacity with careful use. In principle, a Scoozy battery should last a  Scoozy life if you handle it carefully.​

Scoozy has a lithium-ion battery. This battery lasts much longer than the older battery types and therefore needs to be replaced less often. Read more about the benefits of a li-ion battery in  this blog . It is possible to replace a battery or have an extra battery installed for a larger  range . You cannot do this yourself.

We strongly advise against using Scoozy on the beach and other loose sand environments. We’ve tested this a lot. For the beach, you need wider tires to prevent yourself from sinking into the loose sand. In addition, it is good to remember that fine sand gets into rotating parts and causes extra wear. Seawater is also harmful to the product because it has a corrosive effect. All of this will negatively affect Scoozy ‘s lifespan. In videos we show you that you can drive on unpaved paths, we call it Allroad .

With the new Scoozy scooter, we wanted to create a personal mobility solution that looks good, is safe, and is suitable for all roads. We have focused on these aspects with innovation and quality. Pricing was not the main focus here. This allowed us to do something different than any other product on the market and come up with a solution to the problems users are experiencing. In this blog , we describe 7 points that make Scoozy’s price different from the average scooter, but also what you get for it.

Scoozy has an open design, so that nothing can stop that feeling of freedom. Scoozy doesn't have a steering column that you can hold on to. That's why Scoozy has a special entry system: when you open the armrest by pressing the black button, the swiveling wheels give you room to get in. Read more about this in this blog

Scoozy is unique because it is a hybrid between a mobility scooter and an electric wheelchair. The joystick makes it versatile in fees. In the Netherlands, most customers pay themselves, but we have examples of Scoozy that are reimbursed as both a mobility scooter and an electric wheelchair. Read more about that in this blog. In France, Scoozy falls into the same reimbursement category as the While electric wheelchair. In Italy, Scoozy is also reimbursed as an electric wheelchair. Contact our UK distributor TGA Mobility for more information on Motability.

Belangrijk om te weten als je overweegt een tweedehands Scoozy B te kopen!

Het Scoozy B model (serienummer 11-99) wordt al meer dan twee jaar niet meer gemaakt en de garantieperiode is verstreken. Dit betekent dat bij reparaties kosten in rekening worden gebracht voor onderdelen, arbeidsuren en voorrijkosten. Op een reparatie geven wij 3 maanden garantie.

Omdat reserveonderdelen voor de Scoozy B niet meer worden geproduceerd, werken we uitsluitend nog met gereviseerde onderdelen. Dit kan leiden tot langere wachttijden bij schade of reparatie. Op een gegeven moment zullen we onderdelen helemaal niet meer beschikbaar hebben. Dit betekend dat we dan Scoozy B niet meer kunnen repareren. 


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