Scoozy: An off road or all road mobility scooter?

9 February 2022 by
Scoozy is developed to give you more freedom by the possibility to drive in various environments. In our films, we show you that you can ride on paved and unpaved trails, All road we call it, but what exactly does that mean, and what is the difference with all terrain?


All terrain is a term used to indicate that a vehicle drives on unpaved roads such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks and other natural terrains’. The term indicates off the road.


Bij All Road worden daarentegen ook asfaltwegen meegerekend. Het is de combinatie van On- en Off Road met daarbij een differentiatie voor wat betreft de ruigheid van het terrein. All Road-ritten zijn daarbij een combinatie van asfaltwegen, gravel- en zandwegen en eventueel wat mildere paden. Off Road ritten zijn ruigere ritten, met steile klimmen en eventueel wat stenen ondergronden. In this video , you see Scoozy driving on different surfaces. 

To make the difference more explicit, you can see an example with cars below. When you think of an off-road vehicle, you think of a Jeep. Allroad reflects more in an Audi Quattro.

Like this, you have the mobility scooter Scoozy and, for example, anOverlander:


Scoozy has a transaxle motor with a nominal power of 1400W that drives the rear wheels. This allows you to drive well on paved and unpaved paths. For example, Scoozy also allows you to ride on a bridleway as here.

Are you curious about which surfaces you can drive with Scoozy? Read it in this blog:  Scoozy: A mobility scooter for the city and nature!

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9 February 2022
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