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Scoozy C - Mobility Scooter with Joystick
Scoozy® C is a unique hybrid form combining an electric wheelchair and a joystick-operated mobility scooter for outdoor use. Standard equipped with:
- Li-ion Battery
- LED lighting
- Comfort cushion set
- Color Moonshot Grey (1 color available)
- Mirror (one-sided only in the UK)
- Charger
- 2x NFC tag
9,995.00 € 9995.0 EUR
Luggage rack under the seat
The luggage rack under the seat of Scoozy C is suitable for hanging up with accessories such as: a bag, stick holders, bag hook or accessories from third parties.
227.27 € 227.27 EUR
Luggage rack front
Would you like to use your Scoozy to transport groceries or go on a longer trip and take your luggage with you? Thanks to the practical extension for the front luggage rack of your Scoozy, you can easily attach a bag to the luggage rack. This enables you to carry a higher load that can be safely stowed away.

The product is compatible with the following model: Scoozy® C
123.97 € 123.97 EUR
Comfort cushion
The particularly soft filling of the comfort cushion ensures a pleasant driving experience while driving the Scoozy. The cushion is suitable for trips in stable weather.
206.61 € 206.61 EUR
Cane Holder set
The stick holder set from Scoozy guarantees you a secure attachment of the walking aid directly to the outdoor vehicle. The stick holder for mobility scooters can be mounted in just a few simple steps.

Good to know: The holder is compatible with canes, crutches and umbrellas with a diameter of 15 mm to 28 mm.

2x bracket
2x clamp
41.32 € 41.32 EUR
The universal mirror offers you variable adjustment options - so you always have the road traffic in view. Practical: the mirror can be attached to either the left or right armrest.

Diameter: 101mm
Width: 175mm
Height: 170mm
Content: 1 piece

The product is compatible with the following model: Scoozy® C
41.32 € 41.32 EUR
Quokka Cup holder
Whether it's a refreshing drink in summer or a warm tea in winter: the Quokka® cup holder gives thermal cups or drinking bottles a secure hold while driving with your Scoozy.

Good to know: The cup holder is 9 cm high and is suitable for cups with a maximum diameter of 7.6 cm. The adapter needs to be ordered separately.

The product is compatible with the following model: Scoozy® C
24.79 € 24.79 EUR
Waterproof Bag 10L
The waterproof bag made of a light and resistant material can be placed on the luggage rack front and on the back of the seat rack. The robust material with a TPU membrane promises a long service life and protects your luggage from dirt and moisture.

Color: Black
Capacity: 10-18 L
Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 14 cm
78.51 € 78.51 EUR
Quokka Adapter
This adapter has been specially developed for mounting on the luggage rack of Scoozy C and is suitable for use with all Quokka bags and cup holder.
18.60 € 18.6 EUR
Quokka bag SQ-ZW
Square Bag SQ-ZW. Easy to attach to the side of Scoozy C with the Quokka adapter.
57.85 € 57.85 EUR
RAM X-Grip incl. Arm
Securely attach your smartphone directly to your Scoozy with the smartphone holder. The smartphone holder is suitable for all common devices with a width of 4.8 to 8.3 cm and a depth of up to 2.2 cm. The bracket with the patented RAM rubber ball and base system can be mounted on the left, right or on top of the armrest.

Good to know: Align the bracket variably horizontally or vertically.


- Holder
- Adapters

The product is compatible with the following model: Scoozy® C
86.78 € 86.78 EUR
RAM Adapter
Mounting point for RAM mount accessories.
12.40 € 12.4 EUR
Lifting Eye
Hook to attach in Scoozy C and to lift her with, for example, a lift in a car / van.
8.26 € 8.26 EUR
Ventisit Outdoor Cushion
Do you love extensive outdoor exploration tours? The outdoor upholstery impresses with its breathable 3D polyester yarn. Thanks to the water-repellent and particularly hard-wearing material, you can enjoy your excursions in nature and explore the world in wind and weather.

The product is compatible with the following model: Scoozy® C
206.61 € 206.61 EUR
Kinetic-balance Raindeck Parka
The Raindek® Long Parka is our solution for cold days. This is a winter coat for the legs. The Parka version covers the back of the lower legs and is filled to the brim with THERMOLITE FL-3E 220gr. This is an Eco thermo filling made from at least 35% recycled fibres. The 220g fill is the equivalent of 650g down fill. A waterproof, comfortable and warm solution.
131.40 € 131.4 EUR
Bag Hook
With the bag holder you can easily attach your shopping bag or handbag under the seat of your Scoozy. Quickly attached with the carabiner, your luggage is also well secured while driving.

The product is compatible with the following model: Scoozy® C
6.20 € 6.2 EUR
Inner tire
Inner tube 16X2.50/2.70 (62-305) from CST.

This product is compatible with the following models: Scoozy® B and C.
8.67 € 8.67 EUR
Tire CST
Black outer tire size 16X2.50 (62-305) from CST with a sporty tread pattern type C-1488 (MIN-MAX: 2.4-3.1BAR).

This product is compatible with the following models: Scoozy® B and C.
26.17 € 26.17 EUR