Lifting Eye

Hook to attach in Scoozy C and to lift her with, for example, a lift in a car / van.

8.26 € 8.26 EUR 8.26 € VAT Included

10.00 € VAT Included

Not Available For Sale

    This combination does not exist.


    Configure Scoozy C to your liking with the various accessories:

    • Mirrors left and/or right
    • Smartphone holder
    • Luggage rack under the seat
    • Front luggage rack
    • 10L Waterproof Bags*
    • Bag hook under the seat*
    • Cane holders left and/or right*

    Read more about which accessories we recommend at Scoozy to stay warm and dry ​ and read more about how you can transport Scoozy.

    * Only possible in combination with luggage rack under seat.


    In this video you can see how you can transport Scoozy C. We believe openness and transparency are important. This way you make a good choice whether Scoozy is the right means of transport for you!​

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